Jiyeon Parks brother (Park Hyo-joon) Instagram/facebook Hacked

 So yeah, it happens every day, some insignificant people and celebrietes get hacked every damn day, isnt the Internet a lovely place to be? Of course if you get to see some nude pictures/videos of your favorite Actress/Singer is the best way to get your day getting started properly OR ISNT?

This time the target was Jiyeon Parks brother (Park Hyo-joon) he posted this

When i read this kind of messages i often end up rolling on the ground like a dog when rolls to make a good impression and not because i would feel bad about it but because of the so much laugh, the truth is that 99."3"% of the cases isnt the SNS fault but instead is the Targets fault! 

Let me make this more simpler, if you get a message where you are told that you won 1BILLION $$ dont even bother to open it because is spam, i guess that everybody knows that by now right? WRONG you cant imagine how many people get Identity stolen and tons of money because of such emails but this is not our case you can look into it more searching on google "Identity Theft on Internet" or "credit cards frauds"  lets get back to our "problem"

Jiyeon Parks brother (Park Hyo-joon) got hacked most probably because he got a message from a "unknown sender"  or spoofed email address check more about spoofed emails here, with a Subject like "Do you know this girl" ,"Damn i think this girl is Hyomin" haha yeah i bet he(Park Hyo-joon) has a fever for her, the message most probably had a half of a picture with a nude girl where you cant see her face saying you want to see the full picture "CLICK HERE" most of the times "CLICK HERE" is a scam link because they are hiding the http target but you can still see it if you hold your mouse over for a few seconds or you just simple can copy the href link by hitting the right button of the mouse and copy the link address, if you got really curious you can always paste that link into a Online Proxy Service like zend2.com and see whats on the other side.

  • So he may have clicked on that link or my personal believe, the picture itself had a spyware that installs itself without the need of your permission if you open that image, after the spyware gets installed on your device the spyware will send all your sensitive datas like "Log-in Credentials"  to the hacker, afterward the hacker just logins in your account and he does what he wants with your account/s or worst  the spyware will open a backdoor and the hacker gets his hands into your PC/TABLET/PHONE and downloads all your PRIVATE pictures/videos, if hes smart he will use some mega proxies to not get couch if Postal Police gets involved, then most probably he will have access to all your Internet accounts because most of the people use the same PASSWORD to all of their accounts! 
  1. Or he(Park Hyo-joon) just visited a link because of some STUPID/GOOD reason and there he got the Spyware!
  2. Or some friend of him that knew his passwords made a joke 
  3. Or he(Park Hyo-joon) faked all up just to get some more attention! Just Saying!                                  

So no matter how the hacker got into your Device almost all of the times is your fault! Most of the people OLD or YOUNG have lack of experience when it comes about Internet Security, i dont say that this people are stuppid! They might just not be into it, but if you have lack of internet security and you have big accounts just leave those accounts into an expert HAND or simpler, DONT ACCESS ANY LINK OR PICTURE on the device where you have the big accounts or private pictures/videos

I really hope that Jiyeon Parks brother (Park Hyo-joon) didnt had unwanted Pictures/videos of Jiyeon! Mate(Park Hyo-joon) " dont get mad " haha did you catch it? But i dont care if you had bad stuff of your own instead i worry about Jiyeons videos/audio where she would say someting stupid or foolish(not in a cute way) etc... This would AGAIN alter her carrer pretty much because of the other Scandals that took place shes not seen with good eyes by alots of people, and i would be really sorry for her!

Advices for People

  1. Never visit a link from your SPAM
  2. Never open a suspicious Link or Picture
  3. Never visit Porn/Forums/Dark-places from your personal Device if you have sensitive data to hide

THIS ARE ALL MY PERSONAL BELIEFS AND DOESNT PROVE SHIT! But who know that i may be right, even tho i think that he got hacked because of some NUDE picture/video link :)) After all we are MAN and this is known well "MAN watch a lot of PORN"! Dont get it wrong Womans are watching it too but they cant admit it! I guess is someting about a word "Shame" that we dont comprehend it well... Comprende!




You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else. -Albert Einstein


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