Hyomin "Nice Body" Official Music Video - Why is RATED +19!?!

Yoo folks! Hyomin Relised her Solo Mini-Album Debut last night and i saw it first MUH FUCKERS! I liked the video and the song is cool and her voice is charming, she wears very tight apparels and she moves her booty a lot and that is cool for me i like when she moves her booty! here is the Music Video Rated +19

Im wondering why is the video Rated +19! I have watched like 100 times the video and i can swear that i didnt saw her pu..... or a bit of her ti... or some... So maybe in Korea are different laws or something, i dont know, i can show you videos where you can see literally the form of a pussy and its not rated only +12 can someone explain me why this video got RATED +19?

Yoo PEACE & Love

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